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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Baby Steps

My running is coming along fairly well. When I started a month ago, I ran 1 minute without stopping. This week I upped it to 5 minutes. Huge progress for this chunky chick. I'm loving running. It's an amazing stress reliever for me and helps me empty my mind and focus solely on God's voice. Well, except for the nights when I'm in the mood for some sexy tunes while I'm running under the stars. Then I'm running with some Norah in the headphones. There's just something different about running in the early morning before everyone awakes and under the star studded night sky. Don't know why. I like both for very different reasons.

This week when I upped my running from 2 minute to 5 minute intervals I really thought hard about how that applies to the Christian walk. When I started running, I began with baby steps. I ran slowly for short periods of time. I did not, and still do not have the stamina to run 3 miles yet. I have to work up to the long mileage. I was thinking about how we expect believers to accept Christ and have the knowledge and stamina to know how to follow Him. I realized that new believers begin with baby steps and grow slowly toward an entirely faith filled lifestyle. I am still often slowly walking toward Christ instead of passionately running to him.

I also thought about how lonely it is to run alone. Honestly, sometimes it's just freakishly scary. I was run off the road the other night by some teenage kids. And yet somehow we expect new believers to run the journey all alone. I love that The Crossroads seems to have a heart for running alongside people. I watch our congregation support one another in awe of the beautiful things God is doing. I want us to continually seek ways to run alongside each other.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Monday morning update

We are enjoying cooler weather in the cheer gym. It's awesome to be decently comfortable in church. I love seeing so many new faces each week as well. It's cool that people are finding us and stopping by to check us out.

Shawn preached on our core values. It seems like a lifetime ago that we sat at his mom's kitchen table brainstorming those. It is humbling to see our dream become reality. Be sure to listen to the podcast at www.welcometothecrossroads .com. He also showed that video I posted the other day about missions. I bawled through it again. Tears dripping off my chin, running down my neck. He could've warned me!