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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday Morning Update 7.25.10

After a beautiful, but exhausting week at The National Worship Leader's Conference in Kansas City last week, I hit the road for home. I needed to be home by Friday night because I had new music to learn for services on Sunday, laundry to do, a shower to attend, and many other items that needed to be done. All week I felt urged to visit some cousins that lived about an hour out of my way. I ignored the urging because I didn't have time. I had new music to learn.

Well, I guess God needed to get my attention on that one. I was in the middle of praying through and thinking about my calling that He had finally clarified while at the conference. However, I was arguing that I was too old, too untalented, and too poor to take the next steps of obedience when I suddenly realized I needed to go to the restroom. I pulled off the highway and slowed down to turn into a gas station. As I slowed, my timing belt broke, my car died, and I coasted into a parking spot at the station.

After several hours of being stranded, a mechanic came to check on the car, but couldn't do the repair until mid next week, leaving me still stranded. My phone rang. My cousin (that I didn't think I had time to visit) was coming with a trailer to get me and my car. I spent the weekend visiting with him, his wife, and kids. I absolutely enjoyed the time together. I was drifting off to sleep on their couch when God said, "You really must learn obedience...." Okay, okay - next time I will just go for the visit. But more than that, I realized that God was talking about being obedient to pursue the calling he had revealed. No more excuses.

Shawn came to pick me up in Kansas on Saturday, leaving my car. Repairs are now completed, so we have an excuse to go back for another visit. Our long ride home gave us time to talk about the "what's next" steps. Shawn was just as worried about all the reasons that this is crazy as I am, but we are still going to be obedient.

So Sunday morning, I was bleary eyed, stumbling exhausted. I made it through set up, practice, and the service. I don't have a lot of details to share from the service due to my sheer exhaustion. We muddled through the Buble song that I didn't have time to learn since God sent me to visit my family instead. The worship set was fine, although I played very little since I was completely and totally brain dead. I couldn't even begin to tell you what the set even was. I remember thinking at the time it was good - in that foggy, tired sort of way.

Shawn concluded his family message series with a message about singles. I loved what he said about singles pursuing Christ completely while they wait. So many singles are so busy pursuing a potential mate they don't take advantage of the unique ministry opportunities that are available to them. I also agreed that being single allows people an opportunity to allow Christ to complete them - to be "their enough", developing a healthy character that will someday be ready for a great relationship. So many singles are seeking a mate because they want to be complete, but only Christ can totally complete someone. So good stuff, I thought.

Sunday afternoon, we drove to Arkansas to pick up our kids, then back home again to crash. I am still dragging, but I am starting to feel human again. I am excited, and nervous as I pursue the future.