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Friday, June 12, 2009

Music on main

We originally headed down to listen to blues at the Frisco Grooves outdoor music event, but they cancelled due to bad weather. So that trip involved a 45 minute ride down to Frisco, a stop at the McDonald's drive thru, and a 45 minute ride back. Much of that drive was spent listening to Abby scream, Grace argue, Katie whine, and James fuss at Grace. It was FUN times. But the sunset was GORGEOUS! And Shawn and I did some vision casting for the next year for The Crossroads. That was cool.

We got back into town a little before 9 and decided to go ahead and check out Music on Main in Denison. The group tonight, BluRock, was doing blues and rock. They did a wide selection of stuff from "Old Time Rock and Roll" to "Living la vida loca" to "Brick House" to "Black Magic Woman." They were pretty decent. The lead vocal was on key, but just a little weak. The harmonica player definitely could have used some tips from Worship Dude. I would go back to hear this band again, but only in a free venue like Music on Main.

We hooked up with some friends while we were there. We had a blast watching the toddlers dance and the big kids chase them for us. It was great. Funny moment: A sweaty little boy came up and asked my 9 year old, Katie, to dance. I ran interference on that one. I went all teacher on him and said, "She's having to babysit right now." He went away, crisis averted :)

We finished out the night with some ice cream with our friends. I have to say that on reflection, my big mac, fries, and later hot fudge sundae may not have helped me with my weight loss goals. But I enjoyed it all. Every single bite. It was a fun, relaxing evening!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today in my quiet time I was reading the story of David and Goliath. David names God as "God-of-the-angel-army." I guess I don't often think of God as the supreme commander of a huge, extraordinarily powerful army of angels. I tried hard to think of times that I depended on God as a God that commands that type of power. I'm still thinking. I'm still thinking.

I've often needed a God that is more powerful than me, but I am pretty sure that I have never seen even the beginnings of what God is capable of doing. I typically live small even though I have big dreams.

I would like to see my life characterized by a bit more risk. A bit more space for God to work in big and mighty ways. But I don't even know where to begin.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Those verses I always skip

This afternoon while Shawn was in the bank, I grabbed a Bible that was laying in the car. I was flipping pages and landed on the genealogy in the first chapter of Matthew . Honestly, I have read these verses in great detail and even cross referenced each individual listed. I promise, scouts honor. Once. Since then I usually just skip those verses and move on to "more important" stuff. Cause who really cares about a long list of unpronouncable names!

Today I was skimming back through that list of names. Abraham, Isaac, Judah, Rahab, Boaz, Ruth, David, Solomon, the list goes on. Some of these were famous.... icons of the faith, some of the people on the list are mere blips in our history. But they all hold one thing in common. They were the ancestors of Christ.

And another thing they hold in common. None of them were perfect. Abraham fled to Egypt and made some HUGE mistakes while there. Isaac repeated several of his father's lies. Judah slept with his son's widow, Rahab was a whore, Boaz was the son of a whore, Ruth was an unloved foreigner, David was a murderer, Solomon was a womanizer. But God used them all, many of them in great and mighty ways.

I was reminded that my value and my worth to God is not contingent on me becoming perfect. Or good enough. Many times in my life I have postponed following God with the excuse that I am not ready. I am not talented enough. I am not pure enough. I am not wise enough. I do not know enough. Other people are more qualified. But as I was reading through the list of people God used to bring His Son into existence, I was reminded that God is able and willing to use me in the midst of my human failures and struggling. And it is as I am used by God that I will learn to see Him better and love Him more and become more like Him. It is in the surrendering now, that I can become a better person on the journey. It is in obedience that I truly discover my worth.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Journey Group

Shawn had an appointment tonight and left me home to lead our small group Bible study. It was a hard day, and I really had nothing left to give. Shawn was great and left me some study questions in my book and twittered me some more discussion question as he headed to Anna. My friend Bob even showed up with the small group video. Gotta love the Crossroadies.

Thought it turned out okay. The first couple of questions there were lots of crickets chirping, but then discussion got to rolling. But here's the catch. Chapter 3 of Crazy Love is the tampon chapter. And it was mixed company. So I wasn't about to bring it up. But that is one of the most meaningful things I have ever read in my lifetime.... Our righteousness is as filthy rags (meaning menstrual rags....used tampons). Shawn left me in charge of leading the tampon chapter! That's a little bit funny!

I really enjoy all these people that God has brought into my life. It's an eclectic group. The people are all very different, but they hold one thing in common.... Christ. And it's cool that we do not have to be cookie cutter images of each other in order to be Christians. It's cool that God designed us uniquely for our own unique purpose in life. That's one of my favorite things about The Crossroads. That we do not have to be the same to worship the same God and to be friends. Love it!

On a more serious note.... pray for me. Many years ago, I established some boundaries with my past that keep me sane and allow me to enjoy my present without a lot of baggage. However, recently some of those boundaries are coming unraveled. I am having to deal with and face down some old ghosts that I thought were long gone. It's a pretty painful journey. I need some extra grace and peace.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Words of wisdom from my pastor

Tonight we went to a movie and were running a little late coming home. Shawn has his twitter account set to go off at 10 and come on again the next morning at 8. So after 10 he continually asks me, "What did that one say?"

Tonight we were joking about this on twitter. He can twitter out and did several times. But he couldn't read the replies coming in and was dependant on me to fill him in. Finally he twittered, "It's like I am talking to you with my hands over my ears."

I thought this was quite clever and funny. But then I thought a little deeper. (Coffee late at night does that to me.) I do that all the time with God. I talk to Him with my hands over my ears. I give Him advice and instructions and my wish list and keep my ears covered up so that I don't hear back anything that I don't want to.

Just a thought.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Monday Morning Update 6.7.09

It was another amazing day at The Crossroads. I look forward to church all week long, and then way too soon it's all over again.

Shawn is doing a marriage series on family, "HOME". That's fun times. He did the hard sermon first. The one on submission. It's a tough sermon to do in traditional church, but even harder in a church plant where people are not used to hearing about God's plan and design for family. He handled the subject well, with a great balance between men and women's roles. You can listen to the sermon online later this week here under the tab "what's happening."

Good worship set. I'm always a little nervous when we are not able to practice earlier in the week, but the set came off pretty well. It's cool to watch our members becoming more engaged in worship every week. I love the lack of pretense, the openness of people who were not raised in church. It's cool to watch them openly express their love for God without worrying about if they are doing it the "right" way.

Worship set for the worship peeps who occasionally ask:

I Will Boast (Paul Baloche) - Worship Dude does this WAY better than the original (sorry Mr. Baloche)

By Your Side (10th Avenue North)
I Will Lift My Eyes (Bebo Norman)
Love is Here (10th Avenue North)

Forever Starts Today (Robby Thompson)

Also a positive - the air conditioning in the cheer gym was pretty effective today. Summer tends to be uncomfortably warm in the gym. I have morphed into summer clothes for church. No more jeans for me..... Cannot worship and sweat at the same time - I admit, I am a very spoiled American. I was concerned today about showing off quite a bit of pale, glow-in-the-dark white legs, but decided that everyone who prefers buff and tan could just wear their sunglasses to cut down on the glare. My vanity draws the line at sweaty.

Hope you have a great week!