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Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's Up?

Life has been insane for the last several weeks. The end of school is always crazy, just at the same time as church life is ramping up for the summer. Added to this, I am currently teaching full day summer school, and I am one busy lady. So tonight, I wanted to take a few minutes to kind of catch up with where I've been, and what's been going on.

After spending weeks dreading summer school, I am actually enjoying it. It is relaxed, laid back, with no lesson plans or paper work. I show up, pull something amazing and interesting out of my wealth of supplies, and teach 13 kids how to read. I am teaching Kindergarten ESL. It is apparently a Texas requirement that these second language learners are offered 120 hours of language development during the summer. So as long as my teaching falls under the expansive umbrella of "language development" I'm fine.

The biggest adjustment for me is that I have no breaks. As in absolutely none. I supervise them eating breakfast, and lunch, and have recess duty. We are never apart. Although this is great for their language development, it is an exhausting experience for me. It means that my perky teacher personality must always be fully on, without any moments to bring it back down. Tuesday night I was in bed and asleep before 8:00!

I am fully enjoying the people I am working with. One of my favorite ladies from Joe K. Bryant, Kate, is teaching the Pre-K class. I am loving getting to hang out with her. The other Kindergarten teacher, Pablo, is phenomenal. I am awed by his relationship with his students. Both of these colleagues are amazing teachers. It is a privilege to teach alongside them and add to my toolbag of skills.

Since my life is crazy anyway, I've decided to take my fitness up another notch. This makes no sense to me why I decided that now is a good time, but I am not well known for making sense. I am determined to be in the best shape of my life, so that I can have the energy and stamina to follow God's calling on my life. I'm up at 4:30, doing P90X. I am loving it! It's crazy hard, amazingly complex, and leaves my body trashed. However, I am seeing unbelievably quick results in everything from my numbers on the scale to the numbers on the measuring tape, to the height of my vertical jump, to my stamina on my runs. I'm still doing my regular workouts in the evening as well. My energy level is unreal.

My littlest girls are at MeMaw's until Sunday. I am missing them so bad it hurts. James has been hanging out with friends in Anna, leaving Grace the only kid at home with her Dad. I think this may have helped ease him into his summer Daddy Day Care role. He's shown up twice this week at work with treats for me - coffee and Sonic drinks. This is a man who knows how to make me feel loved.

Another noteworthy moment occurred this week. On Wednesday, Shawn and the big kids were at youth, and I wanted to see Ironman 2 (which they've already watched). I went to the movies all by myself for the very first time ever. It was a little weird to turn to whisper comments into my best friend's ear, and he wasn't there. Yet, for the most part, I really enjoyed the time to myself. For a short while, I didn't have to be "on". I could just chill.

I am looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow I will be 1/4 of the way finished with the summer school gig. It's just 15 more days till summer for me!!!! Yeah!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Morning Update (for real) 6.7.10

We had a great day at The Crossroads yesterday. Sunday is always the highlight of my week. I enjoy seeing friends, and visiting for a few brief minutes in amongst the chaos of setting up.

We added an electric guitar player to the band this weekend. He did a super job. I'm looking forward to seeing where this will take the band now. I'm excited about the things we can do with a fuller band.

Shawn started a new sermon series, "Family". I am excited about how God is going to use this series to bring change and direction to the families at The Crossroads. I am anxious to see what he has planned for the next few weeks.

After the services, we headed out to a local walking trail and picked up litter and had a family picnic. I had a great time hanging out with several of the families from The Crossroads. It was fun to lay on my blanket and make pictures in the clouds with some of the kids. It's been a long time since I just stopped and watched the clouds float by.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Monday Morning Update 6.6.10

I am way too exhausted to blog tonight after an incredibly long, hot, stressful day getting ready for summer school.

So for those who just can't wait - here's a link to Shawn's blog to get his take on the day.