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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Monday morning update 9.21.09

We are excited to share that last Thursday Anna ISD redid their facilities policy to allow churches to use the buildings on Sunday. We will be changing locations sometime in October. We are anxiously and eagerly waiting to see what God does in the next few months at The Crossroads.

Today was a good day. It is such a cool adventure to me to see who God's going to bring through the doors each week. We continue to see several new people each week.

Services were the standard awesomeness again today. Shawn shared a good message about family and Robby brought us into God's presence during worship. It was good stuff any way you slice it.

Tomorrow begins another insane week of early morning football practices and late nights of soccer. Pray for our family as we live life on fast forward. We are enjoying life, but are also exhausted from the fast pace.