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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Monday Morning Update 8.29.10

Some days in church planting are beautiful diamonds in a collection of ministry jewels. Today we had an incredible day at church. The worship set was amazing. Shawn's sermon was superb. We enjoyed visiting with several people who are back from vacation and busy summers.

However, my favorite part of the day was seeing the new faces at our Peak 1 new member class. I love the excitement and exuburance of new members. It is exciting to see God add to The Crossroads. Today 13 people committed to being a part of The Crossroads. They had the opportunity to hear the vision in detail and find out ways to become involved in ministry.

I had a really tough job this afternoon. I had to hang out by the pool with a couple of other friends and supervise all the kids. It was suffering to have to lay around in the pool on a hot summer day, but I am willing to sacrifice when needed. Seriously, I enjoyed the chance to visit some with the kids. It was neat to watch them practicing baptizing each other. I had to crack up at some of the words they said in the pool. "I baptize you in the name of Jesus and somebody else and congratulations and hold your nose, I'm gonna dunk ya." I had to work hard not to laugh out loud.

I'm looking forward to another busy week. I am swamped with homework for my graduate classes, the kids' sports have started, and first grade is back in full swing. It's a fun life, but the chaos is a little crazy. I am excited about where the The Crossroads is headed. I think this will be a fantastic season in our church's life.