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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Monday Morning Update 9.19.09

It was good. Real good. The end.

Sometimes I feel like since that's always the bottom line about services at The Crossroads that maybe I should just write that and be done.

Seriously, the weekend has flown by. Both of my big kids played sports in the rain on Saturday, I worked a couple of hours at school, we set up for services at The Crossroads, and Katie had friends sleep over. That was just Saturday.

In spite of a huge accident that blocked the road to where we meet, people still showed up at church this morning. They used backroads to find their way. We even had visitors. When we heard about the accident, we really didn't expect a crowd but God had other plans.

Shawn preached about using your marriage to make a difference on the world. I have to say that is one of my favorite aspects of our marriage. I love that we get to work together in ministry. It's way cool that God uses two super different people to work alongside each other to love on others. We've been ministering together for 17 years. It's hard to imagine having to go it alone. I love how God continually changes us so that we are a great team no matter what our current situation in ministry might be.

The worship set came together well. Unexpectedly, I worshiped more during practice than during services. I found myself crying at more than one point during the practice as I contemplated how much God loves us and how much He does to continually make us more and more like him. I was overcome by His compassion. Don't misunderstand me here, the service was great, too. I loved meeting with God then as well, and it was beautiful to see our people worship. That's a definite highlight of my week.

This afternoon we met with the children's workers to sort of touch base and see what's going on and how we can improve the ministry. I love looking around the table and seeing all the faces who are committed to helping out, even if children's ministry is not their primary calling. In spite of my selfish reluctance to work in children's ministry in the beginning, God has certainly blessed me.

I am blessed to be on this journey at The Crossroads. I am blessed with great friends, beautiful worship experiences, and excellent ministry opportunities.