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Monday, October 4, 2010

My son's fashion mandate

Riding in the car, merging into traffic on 82, my 13 year old son randomly announces his latest fashion mandate. "Men should NOT wear anything that has to have the word 'man' inserted in front of it. That means it's really girly, but they just want to wear it." I snickered, but didn't start snorting with laughter until he began the monologue list.

"Like a kilt. It's a MAN skirt. It doesn't matter if it has the word man in front, it's still a SKIRT!"

"Or a Man thong. That's just weird. There is NOTHING manly about a thong. Who even invented a man thong? Who wears that?"

"Or Manpris. They're still girly short pants, no matter what you call them. Unless you're in the British army. Then it's okay."

"Or a MAN purse. That's just a purse. Men carry backpacks. Women carry purses. Definitely leather over the shoulder screams, 'I'm a girl.' Maybe a big brown bag with lots of pockets for your computer is okay."

"Or MANscara. That's just wrong."

I thought you all might enjoy just a slice of life in the Kemp car on a random Monday afternoon. Supper was even better. We started with conversation, but somehow it degenerated to all the different noises and faces they could make. Such is our crazy life.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Monday Morning Update 10/3/10

I have thoroughly enjoyed the worship message series this month. Last week we spent the service time in prayer. I had the opportunity to move through the four different prayer stations based on the Lord's Prayer with my daughter Grace. It was a beautiful, moving experience to have the opportunity to spend the morning in prayer with her after a hard week.

This week the service was entirely on music and the various postures of worship used in the scripture. We set up the chairs in the round and the band came off the stage so that it had the feel of a big jam session. I thought it was great to spend time actually communicating to our new believers what worship looks like and why we stand and why we kneel and why we lift hands. I think it will help them to feel freer in their expression and more comfortable during worship in the future.

I enjoyed having the children with us in the service this week. I thought it was good for families to have the opportunity to worship together.

Here it is - the end of another weekend. I am certainly not ready to dive into another week of teaching. Please pray that God will grant me the ability to love and minister to my students and colleagues this week with a positive attitude.