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Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Morning Update 2/15/10

The room looked as though it had vomited pink and red. Balloons covered the floor and corsages were heaped on tables. Food filled three tables and the pink lemonade never ran dry. But most importantly, there were beautiful girls everywhere, cradled in the arms of the most important men in their life. Their daddies.

The Crossroads hosted the Daddy daughter dance Saturday night as an opportunity for dads to demonstrate to their daughters what real love looks like. Statistics about women who end up in abusive relationships are staggering. By encouraging dads to create special memories for their daughters, we are encouraging them to teach their daughters what to look for in a husband someday.

I will say that by the time clean up was done, and I found my bed on Saturday night, I was exhausted. Sunday morning came way too early. I hit snooze at least twice.

Every week we are seeing several new families. It is almost impossible now to touch base with everyone before they leave. I love seeing how God is working in Anna through The Crossroads. I wish that I had more time available for ministry. The harvest is plentiful......

We had a missionary from Tula, Mexico, come speak. He was visiting family in the States and trying to raise support. We will be traveling to Tula this summer to do some missionary work. I am looking forward to getting to know his family better then and being a part of what God is doing there. He said that he and his family hated Tula when God called them there. It is ugly and in the desert. However, God has used him to plant five churches in the region and to see many people accept Christ. He has found that being where God wants him is better than what he had planned out for himself.

That's a lesson that is a hard one to apply.