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Monday, November 17, 2008

my leftover thoughts

This one will be short. I just hate to contaminate my Crazy Love blogs with other stuff.

*Saw outfit from Target on a teacher today (see "I'm jumping off the fashion train"). Tried not to laugh. Ducked into the restroom instead.

*I cooked supper. The smoke alarm only went off once and nothing burned. I will be really glad when Shawn is feeling better.

*I ate sopapilla cheesecake at school today. yum....yum....made meetings bearable.

*About two hours ago I walked by the piano, and I somehow found myself sitting down instead of headed back to the bedroom to do schoolwork. I started with just playing while I was praying, and then I got to thinking about the little country churches where I started out playing. Traditional doesn't seem to correctly describe them. Music was always upbeat and fun. There were no robes on the choir and the preacher would holler out into the congregation, "Hey, brother Bill, why don't you lead us in some music today." Bill or Tom or Joe Bob or whoever got lucky that day would look in the hymnal, pick a song on the spot, and I knew what we were doing when he called it out to the congregation. Then my fingers had to fly. I don't think we did anything slow, and they had to bounce because boring was unacceptable. And the notes on the page had very little to do with what the guy might sing. So while I was reminiscing, I dug around in the piano bench and found my well-worn hymnal and looked up some of the old songs. I just wanted to see if my fingers could still fly after years and years of playing traditional, classical, and now contemporary, and alternative styles of music. I was having a lot of fun, believing Shawn to be asleep back in the bedroom when he entered the living room. He had his phone in hand, calling worship dude to out me. Just for the record....I do not want us to do any of that stuff at the Crossroads.....I just wanted to see how fast I could still play. Now my wrists and fingers are sore and my cuticles bloody from running the keys. But I have to say.....I've still got it.....more or less.

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rachel4fotoz said...

You're so funny! I miss our time on your piano bench...