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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break

Spring Break - It is not all about bikinis, wild partying, and drunkenness at the beach.

It's way more fun than that! I've had a great time hanging out with the family. Sleeping late is awesome! Asleep or not, I'm staying in bed every morning until at least 8. Just because I can. I haven't made it all day yet in my p.j.'s but not getting dressed till noon is pretty cool.

I finished plastering my dining room walls that I'm redoing for my son to have a bedrooom. Today as I was standing on a stool, leaning out farther than I should, I heard a little voice. Abby said, "This whipping cream is yucky!" I turned around to see her face covered in wall texture. I guess she tried eating it. Hopefully it's not too toxic!

My funnest (is that a word) thing I've done over Spring Break is work on learning to play the bass. It's been cool to play something different for a change. I'm certainly not good yet...and my fingers are very sore....but I'm having a great time imagining that I'm an awesome rock star! Even tried singing karoke on the wii with the kids. According to my scores, I should stick with playing instruments.

We've had extra kids visiting and lots of Crossroads company hanging out. It's been tons of fun being able to hang out with friends and not be stressed about getting my school stuff done. Although I did spend one day at work, and still will need to work a couple more hours this weekend to get ready for next week.

Maybe this doesn't sound as much fun as the college Spring Break...but it's an awesome life. I am blessed with great kids and an awesome husband and fun friends. I'll take that over crazy parties any day.

We're headed out of town for a couple of days. Backwoods internet....see you again for Monday Morning Update!

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