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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Monday Morning Update 5.10.09

Fourth week into the God on your iPOD series. Awesome thoughts and messages! (And that preacher at The Crossroads is pretty hot!) This week Shawn's sermon was about God themes in "I found You" by the Fray. He discussed finding God in difficult times and questions that may arise about God when you are experiencing tough times. Listen to the entire message at

I had an epiphany moment during the sermon today. While Jesus was on the cross, he quoted from Psalms. In other words, during His time of deepest pain and suffering, He quotes a song lyric to express Himself. I thought that was intriguing.

Worship? I have completely run out of adjectives. I don't know how to explain that yesterday we had a hard time getting some of the songs, and today it clicked beautifully. I don't have any adjectives that can explain what it's like to stand behind the keys and lose myself in the music. It's a phenomenon that cannot be rationalized or explained or described. It was one of those days where I lost the place that the music began and I ended. When we got to "Oh Praise Him," by Crowder, I was overwhelmed by the first verse. "Turn your ear to heaven and hear, the noise inside, the sound of angel's awe, the sound of the rescued ones, all this for our king....." Can you imagine the day when we are really, literally able to hear the angels and the redeemed singing together to worship the King who alone is Worthy! I got so excited! I was so stoked thinking that today as The Crossroads sang praises, we were joining in with angels, and with the redeemed around the world who were also gathered in worship as well as the redeemed from ages past who are already in God's presence. Man, I've got chills all over again!!!!!

I am deeply humbled and honored to play with my friends, the worship band, Chasing Lions. Today the guitarist started playing a little riff, and I played along... no notes, just by ear. I was playing along for a good little bit before I realized that I had not asked for chords. I am so excited about that - I can hardly stand myself. It is cool to watch all of our instrumentalists improve. Sometimes in ways that defy explanation. I am still way out of my league playing with this band, but I like to daydream about catching up!

Sometimes in life you are given perfect moments. That's the best description I can come up with for playing with the band and getting to go into God's Presence together. There are times that I wish I could just freeze frame life. It is a great ride to be a part of the team planting The Crossroads. I couldn't ask for better friends to be with me on this journey. And yet God continues to add new friends and to deepen existing relationships. I am pretty sure that when I am old and ancient, I will tell my grandchildren about that time that I used to play with Chasing Lions.

For the worship peeps who want a set list:
Opener :What life would be like (Big Daddy Weave) amazing now
Middle: Oh, Praise Him (David Crowder Band) very stinkin' awesome!
Your name (Paul Baloche)
Surrender All (Parachute Band) yep, love this one too. Except I would still like to surrender most.
Ending: Praise You in This Storm (Casting Crowns) went great with today's sermon and has a special history with our family. I even figured out how to play a c#5 and a D#m. Miserably yucky chords!

Prayer Needs: Continue to pray for favor as we approach the school board to request an exception to be allowed to meet in the school. Or that God would provide some alternate meeting location as we have outgrown our current spot.

Pray for us to find family time amongst our busyness. We live crazy lives of work and ministry and need to be more faithful to dedicate special time to our children alone. May is an insane month for me at work. I will need supernatural reserves of energy and patience.

Thanks to those of you who are with us on the journey.... whether attending The Crossroads in person, or on your knees in prayer for our family. Love you all. LaRissa

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