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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Monday Morning Update 5.17.09

Today was a special day. Some good friends from Pottsboro came down to check us out, and a family from my class also came. I love new faces, and I love reconnecting with old friends. However I missed some other crossroadies who were unable to be with us.

I was absolutely exhausted from my late evening (See One Enchanted Evening blog). It was after 1 before I got to sleep last night, and then I had to wake up at 6. I hit snooze twice before I drug my tired self out of bed.

Once I was on my feet, I became more excited about the day. It's cool that Sunday is my favorite day of the week. It is not routine or boring or frustrating. It's the day that I look forward to all week.

Shawn is still doing his God on your IPod series. This week he did "Believe" by Stained. Love this song. It has such awesome lyrics about wanting somebody to believe in you and when you are weak being strong... It was an easy leap to see how God can fulfill these roles in our life. For complete details go to under the what's happening tab to listen to all the sermons in this series.

Looking forward to next weekend. I know I have a busy week ahead. Tons to do at school, lots of practice time to log in before the big gig, and other assorted stuff. So don't be surprised if my blogging slacks off a bit this week.


Bits-n-Pieces said...

wow! i didn't realize glowfest was such a big deal! I've seen you posting about it, but had no idea! cool!! God will sustain you today...He'll bring you through the sleepiness!
Have a good Monday.

Shawn said...

OK, you keep wanting to know why I laugh about you having to play the tough songs and your frustrations with them. Well, it's just kind of funny because I see that you are so totally capable of doing them. I know that Robby is giving them to you because of the tremendous confidence he has in you and your abilities. And, I love it that you think you can't do it, and yet I know it will be so incredibly phenomenal. Just one of those little things about you that makes me love you so incredibly much.