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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Monday morning update 6.29.09

We had a good day at the crossroads. Shawn did a great job with the sermon. Worship Dude did a great job with the music. Must say that unfortunately I was too exhausted to worship very well.

Tonight we met with another church in Anna to pray for our city and nation and the world. It was beautiful to worship and pray together. Loooking forward to again soon.

Pray about our location. Today it was nearly ninety degrees..... According to the themometer on the air conditioner. I got so hot I got dizzy and had to go sit on the floor in front of the fan. The heat also seemed to contribute to some pretty frazzled attitudes. Pray that our focus will continuely be on Christ and not ourselves.

It was a good day. Looking forward to getting some rest tonight.

O funny story- Shawn met a Twitter peep tonight for the first time. This guy says - I just realized that you are married to your keyboard player. I wondered about you always commenting about your keyboard player's butt. I wondered what kind of pastor are you?!?

Wow. From now on Shawn will making that much clearer in his tweets.

Hope you see God in great and mighty ways this week.

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