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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Abigail - a great woman

This morning I read an intriguing story in 1 Samuel 25. It's a griping story of protection, betrayal, loyalty, and revenge. It's too long to discuss all the details here. You'll have to grab your own Bible or google it later.

I was interested in the woman in the story. (naturally) Abigail is described as "beautiful and intelligent." It is her misfortune to be married to extraordinarily wealthy Nabal, whom the Bible describes as, "surly, mean, drunk, and foolish." I feel for her. It must have sucked to have landed in that (I presume) arranged marriage.

Nabal gravely insults David, and puts his entire household at risk. Abigail wisely brokers peace with David and keeps her household from being slaughtered. Nabal has a heart attack and dies. Abigail rides off on her donkey to become David's wife.

Here's what I found interesting... Abigail was faithful and obedient and wise in the situation in which God placed her. She took action when needed, bravely riding into David's camp to broker peace, risking her life to save her household. I do not fully understand all the intricacies of what took place: the hospitality refused, the peace brokered, and the freedom Abigail received. But I like that a woman saved the day and rode off into the sunset with a future king.

That's it... nothing deep, just a cool story for you to check out.

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