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Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday morning update 8.2.09

We had a great opportunity on Saturday to have a booth at the Anna health fair. We set up our bounce house, gave away bibles, and info about The Crossroads. We made lots of new contacts. It's cool to get the chance to meet and serve our community.

Sunday was amazing. We had another big crowd. One family was here on vacation from Liverpool, England. We had to set up extra chairs again. Continue praying that God will provide us with a larger meeting space very soon.

The worship time was unreal. Worship Dude changed the set after practice on Saturday. The original set was good, but the new set was incredible. One of my favorite things about him is the way he seeks God every week to pick out the worship set. He has the skills to do it on his own, but he listens closely to God's direction and as a result, we see God move in amazing ways. It was hard for me to play this week. I had to focus hard to not get so lost in worship that I forgot to play.

O praise him (crowder)
Love is here (tenth avenue north)
Wholly yours (crowder)
Here with me ( mercy me)
Forever starts today ( Robby Thompson)

Shawn continued with his message series "God at The Movies". This week he used the new "transformers" movie to talk about how we can live transformed lives. God's word, our experiences with God, our circumstances, and other people can all be transforming, growing opportunities. My favorite line from the movie is when optimus prime said, "fate rarely calls on you at a moment of your choosing." I have such a hard time not scheduling God into my life - to be available anytime and anywhere is challenging for me.

Sunday evening we had another baptism. We did this one at a community pool and then had a party afterwards. I love to watch God changing lives through The Crossroads. I had a great time hanging out at the party afterwards. I love having people in my home, but it was so nice to be a guest in someone else's home last night. I could really focus more on building relationships without having to hostess. I love these friends that God has blessed me with. I am often overwhelmed by just how much God has blessed our family in the church plant.

We are on our way to spend a week camping in Arkansas. I am blogging from my phone, so be patient with errors and infrequent posts. I dont expect to have service. If you miss my blogging this week, go back and worship through running in rain. Take some time to listen to the songs and pray my prayers with me. If I have service, I'll post about camping. It's always an exciting and crazy adventure for our family.

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