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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Love Coffee

Waking up to the dark, rich aroma of freshly ground coffee in the morning is the catalyst that drives me out of my warm cocoon and into the day. The best mornings are the ones where Shawn has preset the coffee pot, and I can hear it dripping from my bed.

We recently ran completely out of coffee before our next shipment arrived. We order our fair trade coffee from It was worse than the time we ran out of toilet paper. I guess we could have bought some Folgers at Wal-mart, but we were expecting our good coffee in the mail and did not want to waste the money. I was grumpy, I was tired, and I felt deprived. When our shipment was delayed, I splurged multiple times on Starbucks, and then I discovered the local gas station has decent coffee for 96 cents. I was late to work several days because I had to stop off to buy coffee. One morning, a parent in my classroom heard that I was without coffee, and delivered an entire carafe to my classroom. It was in the best interest of her child.

When our new coffee arrived, I was as excited as a child at Christmas. I carefully slit open the bag, deeply sniffing my freshly roasted beans. I put my scoop of beans into the grinder and pushed the button. My son, sleeping in the bedroom next to the kitchen, did not appreciate the RAAAARRRRRAAARRRR of the grinder prior to 5 a.m. Me? I could only hear the Hallelujah Chorus.

I filled my supersized mug and sipped all the way to work. With every sip, I swished the coffee around my mouth and my tongue practically danced for joy. I savored the warmth slipping down my throat. I relished the rush of energy to begin my day. All was now right with the world.

I love my coffee.

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Anonymous said...

i love coffee too!!! Its pretty much the only thing I NEED in my life. lol But seriously, I know how you feel. When my stash is running low I start to panic a bit. :)