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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Norah Jones

6 years ago, my marriage was in recovery from complete and total ruin. That summer, Shawn and I supervised a youth trip to a church camp where the speaker just kept talking about this awesome make out music that he and his wife enjoyed by Norah Jones. Anxious to try anything that might bring romance and passion back into our marriage, I bought an album when we got back home. It was love at first listen.

For me, music invokes intense emotions. Norah invokes a strong sense of my womanhood. Her husky voice and incredible piano stuff always makes me feel beautiful. For the last 6 years she has maintained a #1 status at the top of my playlist on the iPOD. It has been the soundtrack behind lots of slow dancing in the kitchen, amazing hungry passionate nights in the bedroom, and most recently - late night runs when I need to recover from the stress of being a teacher and a mom all day. Late night running with Norah on the iPOD just makes me feel absolutely alive. Human again after a long day. It helps me reconnect with my soul that gets lost in the chaos of life.

Today we were sitting at Sonic when my husband grabbed his phone and started frantically dialing. I was stunned, thinking someone had been rushed to the hospital or had died. Nope. He had been listening to the radio station playing over the radio speakers outside and heard they were giving away Norah Jones tickets for Tuesday night. He didn't win, but before an hour had passed, he was online and had tickets ordered for us. He knows how badly I have wanted to hear her in concert.

I am stoked out of my mind. I am crazy excited. I can't wait for Tuesday night.

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