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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Monday Morning Update 6.20.10

We experienced another fantastic Sunday at The Crossroads. We were missing several families who were on vacation, but we still had a great crowd. I love seeing how our families are starting to connect and spend time together during the week. Seeing the friendships developing is really neat.

The worship set was fantastic. It was a big, upbeat set. "Marvelous Light", "The Way", "Blessed Be The Name", and "Mighty to Save". The electric guitar is adding new dimensions and sound to the worship band. Jake, our acoustic player, played the bass today to give a deep foundation for this particular set. I had fun playing along.

I filled in for a friend today in the children's area. The kids were excited to see me and were anxious to share all about obeying (and not obeying) their parents.

Shawn continued his message series on family. I haven't really heard anything about his sermon yet. He said he thought it went well. I'm sure he did an amazing job.

The very best part of the day for me was about 3:00, when I picked up my two little girls from MeMaw's. I have missed them desperately this last week. It was good to sit down tonight to a full table at supper. Their spots have been very empty. I have enjoyed hearing their stories about all the fun they had at their grandma's house.

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