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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monday Morning Update 10/17/10

I just realized that I skipped last week's blog. I had great intentions of writing, but somehow life got in the way.

Last weekend was phenomenal! We met at the school for an opening song, and a short devotional. Then Shawn dismissed our congregation with a grocery bag and a list of needed items for our local food pantry. Our members went to the store, purchased some of those items and returned with 660 pounds of groceries for hungry families in our community.

It was great to see our people engaged in missions and realizing that service is worship. Worship is so much more than warm fuzzy feelings from singing awesome music. Worship is about loving others and loving God.

This week Shawn sat in the "hot seat" and answered people's questions about life and the Bible. I am always amazed by his expertise in these moments that he has a grasp on the Bible to be able to go to the chapter and verse that he needs for the answer. I am so much more of a generalist. "Well, somewhere the Bible says...." Over the years, this has always been one of my favorite services because I have the opportunity to hear from people's hearts about what bothers them, and because I think it makes people realize their full accessibility to their pastor to have the freedom to ask questions more often.

This week we also played with a new band. There has been much transition over the last two years in our worship band as members have moved away or felt led to attend other churches. I miss my old friends very deeply, but I am thankful that God is providing for our needs at this moment. Our worship pastor, Robby, had even placed ads seeking band members without success, but apparently God planned to meet that need by bringing in musicians as church members. I am very excited about working with these new musicians and expect to see God move in huge ways in our future.

We are facing many other transitions in our near future, but we are confident that God has things under control and has plans to meet our needs in ways we can't even imagine at this time.

I would ask my prayer warrior friends to spend some time on your knees for The Crossroads. Our families are in great distress. We have many experiencing severe financial crisis, marriage problems, addictions, and illness. One dear friend lost her preterm baby and another is sitting in ICU tonight with her teen son who just had a brain tumor removed. It feels like we are fighting against darkness on many fronts, and definitely need prayers during this season.

At a personal level, we are struggling hard with our teens. They are fighting against depression, discouragement, and anger. I have yanked back from many commitments in order to spend more time at home, which seems to be helping them, although it leaves me (a people person) rather lonely. Pray that God will raise up those who will help us walk alongside our children, to encourage them in ways and times that we aren't able. Pray that we will be wise as we seek solutions. Pray that God will give me the ability to let him be my "Enough" as I walk life a bit more secluded than usual instead of at my husband's side in journey groups and other events.

I want to be clear here: I love what we do. I love being a part of The Crossroads. I am glad to be a church planter and wouldn't trade it for the world. I am simply asking that as we walk a tough road in a rainy season, that you would lift us up before the Father as a part of your regular prayer time.

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rachel4fotoz said...

I love to read: "me (a people person)..." It's been so amazing watching God transform you into that "people person". What a priviledge it's been to walk beside you for the past (uh-hum, 10 years) and call you sister and friend! I love your family more than words could ever say. I will continue to lift you guys up and prayer against Satan's hold on you all. Love you much!