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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Monday Morning update 10.24.10

This morning Shawn opened a two week series entitled, "Monsters." I heard it was a great sermon about spiritual warfare. I think sometimes we underestimate the spiritual battles waging around us and wander through life unprepared and defenseless.

I was in children's this week. We were learning about how even a great hero like Moses still needed help in ministry. I enjoyed visiting with the children about what their favorite super heroes and their favorite real life heroes had in common. It was cool to see how many kids listed their parents as their real life heroes.

Tonight we had the opportunity to take part in a community service. It is always a great experience to worship with the other believers in our community. I especially enjoyed seeing a lady in her 90's still able to rock the baby grand. She slowly teetered to the piano carefully balanced on her walker, sat gingerly on the edge of the bench, and took a deep breath, and then magic flowed from her gnarled, arthritic fingers. I hope God grants me the ability to play until the end. What an amazing blessing in life!

It seems impossible that it is time for another week to begin. I am so far behind with my homework and term papers that it's not even funny, and at the same time I am swamped with work. Pray that I will find a way to get done what needs doing and the ability to make that discernment.

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