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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Monday Morning Update 2.13.11

It was my week to lead worship in Kids' Cove, so I practiced the music late into the night Saturday. Sunday dawned bright and warm, gorgeous weather after the arctic blast last week. I was experiencing the early signs of a migraine - confusion, disorientation, and memory loss, but I was confident that God would still make himself known in spite of my weakness this morning. Unfortunately I lazily neglected to download and study for the Bible story, planning to wing it since the lesson is all video based.

During set up we had several minor technological difficulties. Small things like the sound and video were completely nonfunctional. However, we ironed out the bugs, EQ'd the mic, checked the video feed, and prepped for services. I started services with a couple of fast songs, trying to energize a sleepy group of children. Our family sweetheart dance was Saturday night, and the children all seemed a little tired. I finally got everyone up and moving by the end of the second song.

We watched the video lesson, a western themed story, set in the town of "Whopperville." About 5 minutes in, the sheriff was interviewing candidates for a trustworthy deputy when we lost video feed. I stalled while the other workers looked for a way to fix the video. We sang a couple of songs, I babbled aimlessly about pleasing God with honest actions and honest words. We managed to restore audio, so we continued with the lesson so that I could see what the Bible story might be. I thought that when we came to the Bible story, I would be able to wing it old-school from that point.

Keep in mind that I was not adequately prepared, or I could have alleviated this problem all together. When we came to the Bible story, I was dismayed to learn that I would have to discuss King Joash and his honest dealings. Really - not Noah, Moses, Abraham, or any of the characters that I might be familiar with? But Joash. I couldn't remember who he was or what he did. I heard enough of the audio feed to piece together a story, but I won't guarantee that it was entirely factual.

We still had a good time. The kids were very patient with my crash and burn lesson. In the meantime I learned some valuable lessons:
1. Be overprepared. Know what the Bible story is - bring a Bible - and have a backup plan in case you have a major technical difficulty. It happens far too often with computers.
2. Laugh at yourself. Not taking the situation too seriously helped us make it through the morning without sacrificing anyone's attitude.
3. Love the kids. It's more important to relate to the children and teach them a simple truth about God than to get all the details perfect.
4. See #1 again.

I don't know anything about the adult service. Shawn and I haven't had the opportunity to even touch base this afternoon. I am assuming all went well, or I would have heard the news by now.

As you pray for The Crossroads, pray that God would raise up more children's workers. We've had at least 7 workers quit since the first of the year, leaving us absolutely short handed in ministering to the kids. I know that most churches struggle with the same issue, and I'm thankful that we have several committed workers. Honestly, for a church plant we are fortunate to have a great kid's program. However, we are in desperate need of about 3 or 4 more workers in order for things to flow smoothly and keep most of us rotating through only once a month to avoid burnout. I am confident that God sees the need and is working in the hearts of our people so that the need will be met. I am excited to see how God provides in this situation, knowing that he has great blessings in store.

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