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Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Fond Farewell

Three years ago, God blessed The Crossroads Community Church with an amazing worship pastor. We waited, less than patiently, for God to answer our prayers for a man who would lead us with excellence and integrity. With only a few days left before our first preview service, God abundantly blessed us with Robby Thompson. Our family and our church has been blessed to serve alongside him and his amazing family through an unfathomable amount of beautiful moments. We witnessed the very first service together, the first communion, and the first baptism at The Crossroads. We saw the first small groups launch, families put back together, and a congregation learn the meaning of worship. We saw a miraculous opening of the school system so that we no longer had to meet in a hot cheer gym. We had doors open wide to participate in tons of community events, and even the opportunity to travel to Mexico on a mission trip.

I have attempted writing this blog for almost 6 weeks. I have found it utterly impossible to put into words what the last three years have been like. In the end, I only know to fall on my face before the God of glory who is able to meet needs like no other. This weekend we will baptize our 30th new believer since The Crossroads first opened its doors 3 years ago. At the same time, we will eat cake and say farewell to our beloved Worship Dude. We certainly wish him all the best in whatever it is that God has in store for him next. Although saddened to lose good friends, we are thrilled to see God still at work at The Crossroads. While we expect to miss Robby and his family, we are filled with anticipation to see what God is going to do next. He has more than sufficiently met the needs of our congregation for the last 3 years. I am looking forward to how we are going to be amazed next!

I've gathered a few photos for those of you who would like to take a moment to walk down memory lane. I would encourage you to not shed tears of sadness over losing great friends, but rather to rejoice in what God has done at The Crossroads through the Thompson family. We love you guys!

Turning a few cartwheels at the cheer gym in the heat. Loved the bouncy mats. In the winter the static electricity really gave you a charge!

Praying before service at
the cheer gym. I specifically remember this prayer. We were having severe sound issues. Man, did God show up that day!

Check out those arms! We were excited to watch Tammie pursue and obtain her dream of becoming a personal trainer. She is amazing at what she does. I know God will use her talent for his glory!

Every dad needs a little help from their son when they are putting together a gianormous pirate ship in the middle of the summer for children's ministry! Check out the ever awesome Reid!

Emery loved a good sno cone at a hot sum
mer block party! These events were steamy, but incredible outreaches into the community. We had bounce houses, door prizes, (gave away a wii once!), movies, and concerts!

Unfortunately, Robby only had the opportunity to attend one mission trip to Mexico. His secular job made it challenging for him to get enough time off to travel out of the country. But this trip was a blast! It was cool to see his heart for the underprivileged and poor.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to do a Father Daughter Sweetheart Dance for Valentine's Day. Here's Robby lovin' on his gorgeous date!

Tammie and Robby at our Sweetheart dance. These guys are beautiful dancers, but their love for each other - in the easy and the tough times, is even more beautiful!

Our last big fun event together was a New Year's Eve murder mystery party. We enjoyed lots of
laughs, and even better food.

Chasing Lions is famous for our willingness to play in the blistering heat of summer at block parties, the wild fall and spring tornadic weather at community events, but most of all for our winter events. We love Jesus enough to even play music outdoors on the coldest day in recent Texas history.

Although the faces in the band have changed over the last three years, one thing remains constant. We are in love with Christ, anxious to see him glorified through our music.