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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Family Night - from 2012

Friday is family night at our house. Years ago when the children were small, we recognized the danger in ministry of being so committed to meeting the needs of others that we never met the needs of our own family. Thus the creation of "Friday Family Night." Over the years, we have done all kinds of fun, crazy, wonderful, disastrous, exciting, boring, and experimental things on Friday night.

Tonight is an exciting family night. As you can see, my son, James, is prepared to cheer his beloved Razorbacks to victory in the cotton bowl. Although long time Texans, we try to honor our Arkansas heritage with the appropriate level of Razorback indoctrination. As anyone who is from Arkansas knows, calling the hogs is just as noteworthy an event for the baby book as "da-da" and "ma-ma."

As we inhale unhealthy, greasy pizza, guzzle high calorie soda, and cheer madly we are creating memories for a lifetime.


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