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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Little Engine That Could

Total God moment in first grade today. I was reading a story to my class, "The Little Engine that Could." We were discussing positive thinking, etc. all the stuff that first grade classes talk about. Then God said - Look at that story again.

As I reread it to the class, God showed me some important lessons about life. So here's the scoop. There's a broken down toy train on the side of the road looking for an engine to help her get over the mountain to the other side. She seek help from a variety of sources. The first engine is too fancy and proud to stop and help - his awesomeness and busyness keeps him from getting involved. The second engine is too strong to take on small matters. He hauls big, heavy loads - a small load would not even be a challenge worthy of his time. Very task oriented. The third engine is old and tired and convinced of his uselessness. He repeats, "I can not." And will not even try. The engine of course that completes the task is the one that is small but says, "I think I can...."

I have always focused on the winning engine's positive thoughts and willingness to try. But today, God nudged me to look a little harder at the other engines.
Here's what he said, "Are you ever too full of yourself or too task oriented or too tired to do what I have called you to do?"
My response, "God, that's not comfortable to discuss with you in the middle of storytime."
God, "Are you ever too full of yourself or too task oriented or too tired to do what I have called you to do?"
Me, "OUCH!!!!!"
God, "What was the secret to the little engine's success?"
Me, "positive thinking and a willingness to try."
God, "Surrender and obedience to be used in the opportunity at hand even when others found it unimportant and insignificant."
Me, "What are you talking about? Is there an opportunity I'm missing? Is there a particular situation that I need to be more aware of?" (Now He's got my full attention while the students are crawling around aimlessly on the carpet wondering why I stopped in the middle of the story)

God, -----nothing------silence-------crickets chirping-----

So I don't know where God was headed with that conversation, but I don't want to miss anything on this exciting adventure.

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