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Saturday, November 29, 2008

All I want for Christmas

Last blog tonight...I promise! I'll save the rest for later. This is a list of the hottest new Christmas gifts as seen in the Sky Mall catalog my brother-in-law brought me from off the plane. Thought it might make good blog material. Seems that he is a faithful reader as well.

My top ten favorites.

1. For the sexy woman in your life (me)
Wonder woman metal wristbands - just like the real ones! 'Cause those are awesome fashion accessories. Comes with invisible jet! (Get it ....the jet's would you know if you had one or not)

2. For the red-blooded males in your life (all of them)
Remember the leg lamp on Christmas Story? It would seem that you can now order it in full size. Or just for about Christmas lights with tiny leg lamps instead of bulbs. Because wives would let their husbands hang those on the tree?

3. For the middle-aged women in your life (moms)
Full sized, life-like head and shoulder sculpture of Elvis that sits on your desktop and sings and moves. The fantasies live on. Creepy. And nobody really cared about how his head moved anyway....

4. For the hunter in your life
Antlers that attach to each side window of the vehicle. Because we are trying to fool the deer into thinking your vehicle is another deer? Or so that you can honestly say, "I brought home a big one"?

5. Also For the hunter in your life
Moving deer trailer hitch cover. It lights up and dances randomly while you are driving in traffic. Really? Can you say REDNECK?

6. For the serious tailgater
double hammock style chairs that attach to your tailgate so that you and a buddy can party in style. My question - do you really want to spend hours attaching these huge incredibly complicated things to your truck when you could throw open your lawn chairs in seconds and be ready to party?

7. For the napper
An adult size blankie. I'm serious. Here's the description. "The moment your skin touches our exclusive Napsoft material, you'll feel your whole body begin to relax. It's the perfect size for napping, snuggling or cuddling." Oh I had a good time making fun of this one. Imagine your napper friend dragging their adult-sized blankie everywhere they go.

8. For the spa goer
3 piece lavender aromatherapy kit. "Get your zen on." What does that even mean? for 100 bucks I could go to a real spa!

9. For the edge piece only brownie eater (my husband)
An m-shaped pan. Now every piece is an edge piece. This one was actually one of those "why didn't I think of that" things.

10. For the gamer
Your own personal "claw" machine. You know the one...You put in a dollar and maneuver the claw over the stuffed animal you want to pick up. But for your own home? Why? Because that's a great place to store all your child's stuffed animals?

I'm only sorry that I can't import pictures. This may have been one of those you had to be there kind of blogs. My brother-in-law and I laughed pretty hard about the cheesy, yet extraordinarily expensive gifts. Hope you do too.

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