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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving blurbs

It's been a week since I had internet service and blogged, so did you miss me? That's the burning egocentric question in my head :)

So while I was missing in action here's what happened.

*Monday and Tuesday - Finished up the last couple of days at school. The Thanksgiving program was precious. My kids did an awesome job! I was very proud of them. Just as a side note - I suck as a single parent. I was very stressed and overwhelmed and emotionally unstable as I tried to clean the house to show, pack, and deal with sick kids. We survived, but the kids were really glad to get out of town.

*Wednesday - Picked up my 15 year old nephew in Greenville and delivered him to deer camp in Arkansas. I had such an awesome time traveling with him. It's been many years since I have had the opportunity to spend any time with my nephews and niece. He's one cool kid and I'm proud to be his aunt.

*Wednesday - Deer camp - picked up the mighty hunters - Shawn and James both got deer :) The other guys were not so lucky, but seemed to have survived hanging out with my family in the backwoods of Arkansas. While I was there, I had a few hours to kill so I took Katie and Abby and went walking. We went down to the old pond where I used to help Pops feed the fish. I looked for the old dock a long time. The beach had changed so much and was covered with lots of small trees that did not used to be there. When I finally found it, I saw that the dock had all but fallen into the pond....definitely not safe enough for me to wander out onto it with my babies. We also checked out the old well, the path to the gate, the deer stand I fell out of when I went hunting with Jon when I was about 3, the old outhouse, and the barns. Dad outed me on my favorite childhood song....It was an awesome moment .....One that I am certainly not confessing online!

*Thursday - Thanksgiving Day - We were at Shawn' s parents. My mother-in-law needed the car moved and suggested that James do it. He's 11. What the heck? So my father-in-law bravely crawled into the passenger seat. James slid the car into gear, slipped his foot off the brake, and crashed into the flowerpot in front of him. He was in drive instead of reverse. He did manage to stop the car before he totally crashed into the house. He backed up, then practiced driving across the yard. My brother-in-law and I sat on the couch laughing at his braking attempts. He would drive. Stop suddenly. Drive. Stop suddenly. Drive. Stop suddenly. Finally he parked and got out. I have officially survived my son's first driving attempt. We had a great time with the extended family. Ate tons of great food. Slept lots. Read "Twilight" and "New Moon". I'll review them in a future blog.

*Friday - Got up at 4 to go to Wal-mart. Desperately wanted the Barbie car on sale. I didn't realize that since Wal-mart was open all night that if I wanted the Barbie car, I needed to be there at three. I was checking out the $2 movies when I felt a shopping cart connect firmly with my butt. I glanced behind me to see what the problem was. A little old lady apparently wanted my spot by the DVDs and was willing to ram me with her cart to get it. As I looked at her, she pulled her cart back, and rammed by butt harder the second time. Really! To buy cheap movies! I moved rather than get into a fight with an old woman.....In case you wondered, I am still sore! I have never had a basket-patterned bruise before. I also went with Shawn to see the movie, "Twilight". I'll review it when I do the books. The date time was nice.

*Saturday - Packed up and headed to Texarkana. Ate lunch with Daddy and Lynelle. Picked up my nephew and returned him to Greenville to meet his dad. Got home. Unpacked. Began reading "Eclipse." Blogging. You are now caught up with my life.

I have tons of new material. I'll try to restrain myself and not do it all at once.

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