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Friday, January 23, 2009

The Best of 2008

True Confession. The other day I was trapped in line at Wal-mart for all of eternity. Bored, I scanned the magazines. Now while I secretly wanted to read Cosmo, you never know when you will bump into somebody you know. Nothing more embarrassing than being caught in the line at Wal-mart reading "20 new ways....." So instead I snagged a copy of People - the 2008 Yearbook. Became deeply enough engrossed in it that I purchased it. I told you I was there a long time. (like 13 bucks! Seriously!)

Life has been moving along in fast forward and so it has laid under my nightstand forever waiting to be read. Finally today I had some extra time and read it. Very intriguing. It seems that I slept through most of 2008. Half the people I had never heard of, and some of the huge events were totally new to me (example - Pres. Bush's daughter got married? How did I miss that? Robin Williams and his wife divorced?) Many of the things I had forgotten such as the blue guy who applied his vitamin to his skin, the raiding of the Mormon compound, etc.

I read all the articles. Even the ones that I was not interested in, because I was pretty bored. Some were inspiring, others weird, some disturbing, and some depressing. However, when I finished reading about all the famous people and their triumphs and failures, I was pretty relieved to just be me. Reading about all the break-ups, DUIs, drug overdoses, and even the good stuff that is micro analyzed by the media and fans makes me remember how blessed I am to enjoy privacy. There is no one outside my home waiting to ambush me and my family with cameras. There is no one waiting anxiously to catch me in an awkward moment so they can embarrass me publicly. There is no one who even cares what I wear to big events and whether I should go on the best or worst list. (Trust one even noticed me at the last big event) And I am SO THANKFUL.

Most of the people that I read about are still desperately searching for meaning and happiness in life. They've tried sex, drugs, partying, fame, marriage, divorce, same-sex partners, having children, and still are searching. There are certainly exceptions to this. I saw some people with "happy eyes" who truly seem to be enjoying their life. But most seemed to still want more. Seeing this made me realize that I am thankful tonight for my comfortable home, my cheap car, my extraordinary family, and my beautiful friends. I am thankful that I am able to live life freely with great joy. And am praying for the "pretty people" to find the Author of my life and embrace Him to find the meaning in theirs.

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