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Monday, January 19, 2009

Location, location, location

It's the most famous saying in real estate, "Location, location, location." Today I got up early and headed in to work so that I could get some time in my classroom before inservice started. While I was in my classroom, I was pretty much totally zoned in to what I needed to do to get ready for tomorrow. What I needed to do to prepare my learning centers and my lesson plans. Totally focused on the task at hand.

However, when I'm at home, it is really hard for me to think through and remember what I need to do for school unless I have created a very detailed list. When I'm at home, I am focused on cleaning and laundry and the kids and all the stuff that needs to be done at home.

So I was thinking about the importance of location in creating focus in life. I was wondering what the spiritual applications are of this. I do know that Shawn and I had a quiet time for years on our couch in front of the fireplace while we drank our coffee. That location took on special meaning as I learned to listen to God's voice and to grow spiritually with my husband.

Biblically, Jesus often left his disciples and went into the wilderness to spend time in prayer. I think that there is something to the whole location idea. Sometimes it is very challenging for me to hear God because my location does not leave any room or space for his voice to get any attention.

I was just thinking today that maybe I should start paying attention to where I am when I find it easiest to meet with God. And spend a little more time there.

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Bradley said...

You know how they say that you shouldn't read on your bed? When you get on your bed, your body thinks, "Hey! It's sleepy time." If I lay down and read for very long, I start to get drowsy. Maybe, it's the same kind of thing. The question is: Do we condition the location, or does it condition us? Probably, a little of both. It lends a sense of significance to church buildings, chapels, synagogues, etc. Perhaps, coming together in a specific, set apart place for the purpose of worship is actually beneficial.