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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Don't crush Jesus

I was reading Mark 3:7-12 tonight. Jesus is teaching and there are humongous crowds following him. They are coming from far away to hear him speak. In a time where travel was challenging and difficult. In a time where travel consumed a lot of time. And keep in mind that the people are leaving their there may be a great financial burden to the trip.

So check out vs. 9, "Jesus instructed his disciples to have a boat ready so the crowd would not crush Him." People are eagerly pushing and shoving to be able just to touch him and be healed. Are you that eager to reach Jesus? Right now? Would you push and shove just to get an instant with Him? I usually find myself trying to fit Jesus in somewhere amongst all my responsibilities instead of seeking Him with that level of eagerness seen in these verses. Pretty sure nobody has ever had to tell me, "Don't crush Jesus," because I was so anxiously pursuing Him.

So that is my thought, I want to be so passionate about Jesus that somebody has to tell me to back off, "Don't crush Jesus".

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