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Saturday, January 17, 2009

God and Pajamas

Strange moment today. Jumping off into church planting has entailed some budget cuts at the Kemp's house. When the weather started getting cold this fall I realized that Abby did not own any pajamas. I began praying for God to meet this need since I really at that moment could not come up with any extra cash for clothes. Then, honestly I forgot about it and moved on with life.

Today I was sorting through her clothes, reorganizing, packing up what's too little, etc. It took most of the day since we were recently blessed with two big batches of hand-me-downs. I was grumbling about the big mess and the big job a bit when I started folding pajamas.

It was when I began putting away her pajamas and needed not one, but two drawers that I began to cry. You see, I had prayed for warm pajamas and then moved on with life. But my God who is faithful even in the small things of life blessed us with gifts from grandmas and hand-me-downs from friends so that we now have two drawers full of pajamas. My daughter is warm at night, and I had not even noticed that God had answered my prayer.

God is good...all the time....and all the time....God is good.

Thanks for the p.j.s!

1 comment:

rachel4fotoz said...

I'm so glad we serve a God who cares about pajamas! (and milk, bread, and eggs, too!)