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Thursday, January 15, 2009

the burning question....did I survive offline?

The burning question...did I survive being offline most of the week? Absolutely. I went to bed early, spent more time with the kids, got caught up on grading papers. Still haven't paid bills...I keep putting that off....must be done.

The kids and I made it through the week without Shawn just fine. We certainly missed him, but we were okay. At no point did I think I was going to see my head totally and completely explode from frustration with the kids. They tried really hard to be extra good and helpful. Now things are right back to normal.

Two of the three nights my stuff I cooked turned out decent or least edible. The third night with the slightly scorched dinner, James said, "No offense mom, but while we're on the topic of food, when's dad coming home?" (I lost two pounds!)

Speaking of supper conversations, that third night was a hoot. The kids just all suddenly broke into some old rock songs and were drumming on the table with their silverware and laughing and giggling and having a great time. (The whole reason I burnt the food in the first place was because we were jamming and dancing before supper.) The jokes were flying.....with middle school aged kids the cheese factor is pretty high, but still funny. Then they started telling me all these funny stories from school, and I seriously could not stop laughing. So sucky food, but great entertainment.... not a bad trade-off. (Oh, and out of the blue Grace says, "Hey mom, what's a virgin....without even considering that we haven't exactly had all of "the talk" just yet I reply nonchalantly, "Somebody who's not had sex yet." James spits his milk out his nose and laughs....Grace turns red.....and Katie was just confused. And then the singing started right back up again.)

It has been a long, hard week at school this week. I've had some difficult conversations with a couple of upset parents. I've done 21 individual, very detailed, reading tests with my class - all while managing the other students at the same time. Put that together with school wide benchmark testing which meant no P.E. or music (no breaks for me at all) - and I'm pretty exhausted! I did have 12 minutes for lunch a short break. I'm really looking forward to the weekend! And I'm really looking forward to sleep!

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rachel4fotoz said...

Oh, how I'd love to be a fly on the wall in your house to watch and hear some of your conversations with your kids!! (you know, when I'm not already there and stuff...)