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Monday, March 23, 2009

I just wanted my donkeys, thanks

Shawn beat me to this in the world of twitterdom, but I'm still going to blog about it. So there! It was my idea first.

Last night we were reading 1 Samuel 9. This is the story of Saul becoming king. Here's the condensed LaRissa translation. Saul and his servant lose their donkeys. SERIOUSLY! How do you lose those? They are pretty big and important. Anyway, they scrape together enough change to go see a prophet and pay for a prophecy about where their donkeys could be. Cause this is important! Lost transportation and possibly supplies. Somebody's gonna be in big trouble when they get home if they don't find the donkeys and soon!

Saul and the servant come to a town where the prophet Samuel is. They meet with him. Samuel tells Saul, "The future of our nation is in your hands." What? He just wanted his donkeys back. Oh yeah, and Samuel told him where to find those, too. Saul spends the night at Samuel's house and finds out more about the future God has planned for him.

My thoughts on this....How many times do I go to God hunting my "donkeys" (whatever they may be) and walk away with something totally different than what I was looking for? It's like God takes advantage of whatever circumstances send me seeking after His wisdom and presence and communicates the message He needs me to hear. Lots of times it has nothing to do with what I approached God looking for. It's always much better.

Back to Saul....Can you imagine this....

Saul: "I lost my donkeys."
Samuel: "Hmmm....want to be king?"

Cool that we serve a God who cannot be predicted, tamed, or explained!


Shawn said...

I can do better than that:

LaRissa: "I fixed supper."
Shawn: "Wanna sleep with me!"

Now, that's the way to be random!

LaRissa said...

Now nobody else will want to leave a comment and they'll whine again about us being all crazy and passionate about each other....But I like being rewarded when I cook. It's hard work :)

Shawn said...

You may have to start moderating my comments.

Bits-n-Pieces said...

I love your take on this!

rachel4fotoz said...

Shawn's right, La! You should start monitoring, screening, or possibly deleting some of his comments! Goodness gracious! [confession: I can't wait to be married and be where you guys are! Love you both! :)]