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Monday, March 9, 2009


The time change always makes me anxious for summer. I get spring fever worse than any of my students. Today I was excitedly telling the children that they would have a whole week off for spring break. They looked at me with sad eyes and wanted to know how come they couldn’t come to school. I answered honestly, but laughingly, “Because the teachers need a break!” They are also starting to get a little concerned about what happens to them after first grade. One student asked me, “Will you love your new class like you love us?” How do you answer that?

Oh, wait, I was talking about spring. I love spring. The leaves budding, the grass growing, the flowers blooming. Spring is such a refreshing experience every year. I love how spring comes after winter every single year. No matter how cold, or mild, or long, or short the winter is, spring always follows. (Yes, I know that’s a duh! kind of statement to make, but it’s going to get a bit deeper here in just a second!) It’s a reminder to me every year that good times and beauty and incredible growth follow closely behind tough times in my life. It seems that winter always comes before spring in my spiritual walk. I love that I have a God that is continually bringing newness and life and beauty into my soul. I love that God doesn’t make it winter forever in my spiritual life any more than he lets it be winter forever in Texas.

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