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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It just hit me like a wall

True story. Today I am walking my kids back from art. We have precisely 6 minutes to get down the hall, grab our backpacks, and get to the bus line. Moving quickly. One of my little guys has way more energy than the other little boys. (Read TONS). He abandons my line, runs as fast as he can, and body slams the tile wall in the hall. For real. He hit the wall hard enough that he busted up his face, knocked a tooth loose, and bloodied his lips.

I hear frantic screaming. My sympathy is limited. What do you expect to happen when you body slam a tile wall? Seriously? I became much more sympathetic when I saw the blood pouring off his face and dripping onto the floor. He was really hurt. And I could not laugh. Even though the whole body slamming a wall was pretty funny.

So God used this incident to remind me of something important. Sometimes stuff that looks really fun just gets us hurt. God places boundaries in our lives so that we can live the best life possible. When we abandon those boundaries and run headfirst into a wall, it hurts. REALLY bad.

Lesson learned - don't body slam concrete walls with your face. Follow your leader who knows the best path to get where you are going.

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