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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Monday Morning Update 5.4.09

It was certainly a busy, crazy weekend. Friday night I went to see "Wolverine" with a group of friends from the Crossroads. Then on Saturday, I went to a concert with some more friends. So I hit Sunday morning exhausted. We all did. Staying up till 1:00 a.m. makes it rough to get up the next morning!

I was in children's this week. We talked about Acts 27, Paul's shipwreck. God really spoke to me through this passage this morning as I was looking over it one last time before teaching. I'm sure that will make a blog later this week. The lesson activities were pretty neat, and I felt like the kids left with a good grasp on what it means to encourage others and how important that is.

I hear that grown up church went well. Shawn talked about the song, "My life would suck without you." I was looking forward to listening to the podcast, but unfortunately the computer had issues, and we lost the audio. I will just have to read over his sermon notes instead. Everyone said it was an awesome message.

Shawn says the worship set was good, too. We were missing several band members this morning. I was in children's, the bass player was having to serve his monthly weekend for the Air Force, and the electric guitar player was also out. But to be short that many people, I hear things went well.
Apologies to my worship peeps who are interested in our worship sets. I was too busy with children's to really pay attention while the band was practicing this morning. I don't remember the set.

We are quickly filling up our space. Hope that a new location opens up soon. Continue praying!

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