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Thursday, June 4, 2009

The End Of Another Year

This is the end of another year of teaching first graders. I cried this morning when a student handed me a letter she had written herself. Understand that at the beginning of the year first graders can't usually put together sentences much less write letters. So I was thinking about how far she's come in addition to all the sweet things she wrote and became emotional.

However, I am way excited that school is almost out for the summer. I have to do a work day tomorrow and then I'm free, I'm free!

I am pretty sure that my favorite part of teaching is the time off. It's like my students who say their favorite thing about school is recess!

I have stacks of stuff saved up to read, curriculum to rewrite, laundry to wash, walls to paint, and a family to hang out with. I can't wait. I've already got a headstart on my first summer goal - to spend all day in my pjs. Since today was pj day at school, I can check that one off my list. Just kidding.... not quite the same!

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