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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Today I drug out the wii fit again. Logged in. It's very interactive, which can be encouraging. But today, not so much. It announces with a loud voice, "It's been 130 days since your last workout, you've gained 6.6 pounds," etc. Thanks wii fit, way to make me feel like a fat loser! AWESOME!!!!!

I did some of the balance exercises. Yes, I know some of you are already starting to giggle. I did not fall! But I was a bit wobbly at times. The wii fit ran this quote across my screen multiple times, "If you feel unbalanced you can lean on a friend or steady object for support."

I laughed out loud. This is so true in life. When I feel unbalanced I need to lean harder on my friends for perspective and the steady object, God's Word, for support. What a great quote!

On another note, The Crossroads hung out at the Nalls' house tonight for a kids' fishing derby. Grace won the trophy for the most fish caught. We made new friends, saw old friends, and had a great time.

Funny story. Abby caught a couple of fish, she was having a great time fishing and playing in the worms. I went over to rebait her hook. When I pinched a long worm in half and started stringing it on her hook she went berserk. "You're killing it! It's going to die!" She connected that the worm would die and freaked out about fishing. I tried to cast the worm, thinking she would be distracted by reeling the pole, but Oh no! She was grabbing at the fishing line trying to yank the worm out of the water before a fish ate it. She was very done fishing at that point. Horrified by the killing of the worms, she refused to fish any more during the entire evening.

It was a lot of fun to chill out on a beautiful summer evening with friends and good food. Lovin' my life. Looking forward to a super day at The Crossroads tomorrow!

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Bits-n-Pieces said...

ahhh!! how wise that Wii Fit is!!
I really want to get one of those!
yaay for getting back on the proverbial horse!