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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Exhaustion - It's the American Way

This morning as my head pounded, primarily from sheer exhaustion, I realized that this is the American way of life. Every person, especially every woman that I know, is exhausted. We wake up early, stay up late, and push ourselves hard every minute of every day. We are irritable, grumpy, and short-tempered with the people around us. We drink coffee and energy drinks just to function.

As I was spending time in God's word this morning, I was researching how worship is an exclusive event - belonging only to God. However, every verse I referenced was somewhere on the same page as verses about keeping the Sabbath. I have to say that this is probably the command that we as Americans dismiss the most - well that and maybe coveting.

I try to excuse my busy life with "But God, it's ministry." Every part of my life - teaching, Bible study, working out, blogging, twitter, facebook... it's all in some way connected to growing our church plant and furthering the God's kingdom. But this morning as I reread the verses and tried to argue my point that I need the weekends to clean and to connect with people for ministry opportunities, I saw something new. Every place that I read about keeping the Sabbath, God answered my argument. "For on the 7th day God Himself rested." Hmmm...... maybe if rest is so important that God Himself took time out to rest, maybe, just maybe, I should consider this Sabbath deal again.

I wonder how Christianity would look if we loved as Jesus loved, passionately pursued God, and if we were a rested, unstressed people. That sounds like a faith worth living.

Pray about this. I don't know how on Earth to fit resting into my schedule.

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