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Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Morning Update 1.18

Another weekend has flown by. This time it was even a three day weekend, and I still accomplished very little on my to-do list.

We had a good day at The Crossroads. Shawn started a new message on money. This will be interesting to see how new believers respond to messages about God's perspective on money. I would guess that money management is one of the most challenging, and screwed up things in people's lives.

I definitely missed our drummer this week as she was working kid's cove, but I think worship was fine anyway. I liked the new Crowder song this week, "Never Let Go". It seemed very appropriate with the pain and suffering in Haiti.

We began our first family journey group in Anna. Shawn went through some of the peak 1 class material with the group. I wound up babysitting. I decided that since I have heard the material many times before, that it was more important that I watch a couple of very young children so that their parents could concentrate on the curriculum and on getting to know other believers. I appreciated my daughter, Grace really stepping up on this one. I needed a second set of hands so she had to give up playing with her friends to help out. She never even whined, and she worked hard all evening.

I am looking forward to a second new journey group on Thursday night. I am excited about how God is going to move among our congregation and how He will use those groups to grow our people spiritually and to bring new families in.

Please pray for our family. We are trying hard to get our house clean enough to put it back on the market. It would be nice to live in the town where we are ministering, instead of commuting - often several times a day. Cleaning is an overwhelming task to me. I cannot find a way to stay ahead of my children. Even in trying to enlist their assistance, it still is a bigger task than we have been able to accomplish - in part because we are never home - because of the commuting to Anna several times a day. Then once the house is listed, trying to maintain perfection with four kids is miserable. Pray that I would not be discouraged.

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