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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Monday morning update 3.14.10

Spring break Sunday along with the time change left The Crossroads missing lots of families. Around one third of our regular attendees were out. It now seems strange to look across empty seats. It made me remember the first Sunday at The Crossroads when nobody came, and it was just the launch team. That seems like such a lifetime ago!

I deeply appreciated my good friend, Rachel, filling in for our worship pastor this week. He was away visiting extended family. It's great to have people who are gifted vocally and available to be used as needed. We had a few minor mishaps occur in set up. I plugged one thing in wrong, the power strip went out that the amps were running through and had to be changed, and I couldn't get the monitor to work. But in all, I thought it went pretty well for being our first time on our own.

Shawn preached about God loving us and using us for His purposes. I have a hard time, still, wrapping my mind around God using my whole life - the good and the bad - all of it - for His glory. It's hard for me to understand that God loves me absolutely. Just as I am today. No strings attached.

Now we are headed to pick up Abby, my three year old, after a week at memaw's. I can't wait to see my sunshine! I am also looking forward to a week off from school. However, I am not looking forward to the cleaning on my schedule.

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