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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The perfect man

I was cooking and eavesdropping tonight. Careful to seem completely absorbed in browning my ground beef, I listened to my oldest daughters discussing the perfect man.

They decided that the perfect man would be interesting, funny, and kind. They said he would want to spend time with them, while still allowing them space to chase their dreams and be themselves. (they discussed the irritating habit of neediness and stalking here) He would enjoy having fun with their family, but also comfortable just hanging out at home.

I was so impressed as they talked through wanting a man someday who would be their best friend, but didn't have to be with them every waking moment. Then Abby, the 3 year old joined the conversation. "And he'll have boobs."

The big girls said, "What? No he won't!"

Abby, "Yes he will. You get boobs when you grow up. Like mommy and daddy."

That's when my invisibility shield crumbled. I couldn't stop laughing. Abby, in her fascination with boobs, and our conversations of late, had incorrectly generalized that all grownups have them.

I'm excited that my girls have good ideas about what makes a man a good husband. Thanks to their daddy, they grasp what a real man is like. Makes me proud.

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