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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Abby, age 3, prayed a beautiful prayer tonight, tattling on everybody she knew.

"Dear God, please let James not put his feet on me, and please help my friends not tell lies, and please help Daniella find the secret passages (on a game?), and please help me to always go to school tomorrow, and help Daddy have a good day, and help my friend not bite Jamison, and Grace not to yell, and Alec to feel better, and..... "

On and on she went, praying sweet things for our friends and family, but also tattling to God about all the bad stuff other people have done that she could remember. It made me stop to think. What if we tattled to God about things other people were doing and asked God to make them better people? And meant it. Without malice.

But I also noticed that she didn't pray about hitting Katie, or throwing her flip flop at James. It is easier to pray for the sins of others than to confess your own sins. I am so guilty of that.

It is amazing how much I've learned about God by watching and listening to my children grown in their relationship with Him. Even tiny little Abby.

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rachel4fotoz said...

"Out of the mouth of babes," right? Oh, and "tiny little Abby" is about to be 4!!! I can't believe it! Love that child!