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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Monday Moring Update 5.24.10

My thoughts are a little more random than usual tonight. I feel scattered and blown in hundreds of different directions. I'm not even really sure where to go with this week's update.

I loved having my mother-in-law in town this weekend. I appreciated her making the sacrifice to take off work to come out and babysit Friday night. This morning, it was so nice to be able to leave the little girls home for her to get ready and bring later. We only had James with us, Grace staying home sick.

It was a week of late starts and unexpected glitches, but it was also a packed house, a great sermon, and beautiful worship. Shawn talked about Christ's second coming, and his primary point was that we have no real idea when Jesus is coming back. We need to live like it is today. Why put off living life to its fullest when we could be doing it right now? It reminded me yet again of leaving a chore list with my children. Instead of rushing to finish my business, they put it off, thinking they will have time to do it right before I get home. Typically they are about half way finished when I return. I am so like that with God. I know things that I need to do for the kingdom, but allow myself to continually get distracted.

I was excited that couples who arrived late had to sit up in the coffee bar because we ran out of chairs, except for the front row. It is great to need to set up more chairs next week! I love seeing families coming and bringing their friends and getting plugged in to The Crossroads.

It was a good Sunday. I am reluctant to face tomorrow back at work. I elected to enjoy my anniversary weekend to the fullest, and so did not prep well for this week at school. I will be scrambling in the morning. I just have 8 days left with this crew of first graders. They have come such a long way from where they started. It's cool to see their progress.

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