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Saturday, June 5, 2010

My deep running thoughts of the day

I often blog about the epiphanies that occur while I run. It is while I am sweating and breathing hard that my brain becomes quiet enough for God to speak, and because the chaos of my thoughts are still, I actually hear Him. It is a precious time, and it is often an unparalleled time of incredible intimacy with my Creator. However, lest you believe that I am always meeting with God while I run, I thought I would share my "deep" thoughts that I had on my run this morning.

I really do have to run. Here we go. Nope. Next mailbox, I'm really going to run this time. Okay, I'm running. I'm running. I'm running. Wonder if this shirt makes me look fat? Like there's anybody awake this early to see or even care.

Wonder if my running apps working? I've been running, like, forever and it hasn't even cued me that I've gone a tenth of a mile yet. Oh, there it is. Wish you could program the voice with different accents. "1.5 miles" in a russian accent....that would be great.

Gah, it's hot in Texas. I'm going to have to wake up earlier in the mornings to run. I'm not a morning person. Wonder what it feels like to be a morning person? I bet they feel the urge to do like a cheerleader high kick when they wake up. "WOOOOHOOOO - It's morning."

I can't breathe. (this thought crosses my mind as I'm seeing spots and my chest is burning). I wonder why asthma seems to be worse on the morning runs? Asthma sucks. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Ok, stop running and breathe. breathe. breathe. breathe. breathe. Ahhh, I'm breathing again....time to run. Oh crap, now I can't breathe again. (and the cycle repeats itself)

(Now having run for awhile) Wonder how much weight I'd have to lose for my thighs to stop rubbing together when I run? I bet running is more fun without chafing. Maybe I should get some of that anti-chafe stuff at the running store.

Wonder which girdle I'm going to have to wear to the wedding tonight with my dress? Wonder if my dress shows too much boob for a church where I used to be the pastor's wife? But Shawn really likes the dress...

Oh crap, I can't breathe again. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Gah, it's hot in Texas. You could fry eggs on the sidewalk. I'm so done. I'm going home.

Then I walked back home, laughing at my "deep" thoughts of the day. Thought some of you might laugh, too.

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