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Sunday, August 22, 2010


I am not a big proponent of dreams and visions. While I have heard of many examples of divinely inspired dreams, I tend to believe that most of my crazy dreams are just my brain dumping the day's garbage. However, last week, I had the strangest, weirdest, scariest dream that I've had in a long time. Whether it was a vision that God gave me to clearly illustrate an important truth he needed me to hear, or whether it was just a random weird dream that God used to help me see truth, I don't know. In either case, the truth that smacked me in the face is worth sharing.

I was beside a small lake with a large group of friends. We were having a party, enjoying the afternoon. A film crew was sitting up for a reality TV show nearby, and we were watching with excitement and anticipation. They were securing divers with underwater cameras and setting up for multiple angle shots.

Then the crew trailer opened, and people were led off in lines, tied together at the feet, and hands bound. The ages and races spanned across the spectrum. We cheered loudly in frenzied excitement as the festivities were about to begin.

Then the TV show began to throw the tied people into the lake, following them with cameras, broadcasting their death throes on a big screen to the crowd. People cheered as if we were watching a football game. As babies struggled and moms gagged, we laughed and slapped each other on the back.

I startled awake, shaken by the violence and the graphic nature of the dream. I stumbled into the bathroom for a drink, trying to dismiss the dream as just a freaky crazy dream. It was 3:36 when I laid back down in bed and heard God speak to my spirit.

"People around the world are drowning in desperation. They are drowning in sin, in poverty, in hunger, in slavery, in chaos, in war, in disease, in abuse. Most of the church is content to watch from a distance and enjoy their parties and their wealth. What about you?"

Whoa. That was tough. Wow. Ouch.

I walked away from that moment reminded that I am a missionary. Right here, right now. I can use today to speak truth over friends, minister to those in pain, and love the unloved. Today is my opportunity to make a difference. Making a difference may require sacrifice of comfort, wealth, and time on my part. Ministry matters.

I am burdened for and praying about the American Church. I am asking God to consume us all with passion for the "least of these" and create in us a desire and an ability and a knowledge of how to make a difference. And that we would act. Now. While the time is here.

I know this one is heavy, I know that tonight I'm supposed to do a Monday Morning update. But this is the blog that I have been greatly burdened to share, if nothing else just to remind myself that the world's needs are much bigger and much more important than all the stuff I try to accumulate. Watch for the Monday Morning Update soon. I have school tomorrow, so maybe on Tuesday.

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rachel4fotoz said...

Wow. All we have is today to make a difference. Thank you for the reminder.