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Friday, September 17, 2010

Monday Morning Update - just a little late

My life is currently the absolute craziest its ever been. I am up before 5, falling in bed late, with no down time at all. This leaves me living in a constant tension between great excitement about all the great stuff happening at The Crossroads and near tears from being overwhelmed with work when my heart is in ministry. I know that this season will pass, and life will settle down a little as school gets into a groove, the journey groups get established, and we find our routine for family time amidst the chaos.

All this to say, I haven't had the minutes available to even consider blogging this week. Last Sunday was a superb day at The Crossroads. It was a curious morning at our home. It was like we were trapped in a time warp. The alarm went off at the regular time, I hit snooze, got a shower, got myself and all the kids - plus an extra - ready for church. Then we cleaned up the house, started laundry, and drank a cup of coffee. It was still nearly 30 minutes before time to leave. This has never happened, ever, since we had children. Shawn and I decided to head on down to start the set-up, thinking that it would be great for the set-up team if we already had the heavy stuff unloaded, and they could have some extra time to visit with each other before services.

Sunday we signed up for our fall Journey Groups. We are doing a study called the "11th Commandment". It's an excellent study about how we are supposed to go about practically loving one another. I am excited about all of our people getting on the same page with a Bible study. I think it will be cool and give people from a variety of groups something spiritual to dialog about.

Shawn closed out his message series using "The Book of Eli" to discuss the importance of scripture in our life. I heard it was a phenomenal sermon, but I missed it while I was leading my children's small group. It is always great to be a part of that awesome ministry in our church!

As we come into another weekend, I am exhausted. I would appreciate your prayers that God will make it possible for me to efficiently stay on top of the things that I must do at work, so that I can devote more of my life into the ministry that I love.

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