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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday Morning Update 2.8.10

Another week gone, as life continues to speed by. Although I will say that this past week life came to an abrupt halt. Texas, the land of eternal summer, seems to be going through an identity crisis. One minute it was a balmy 70+, the next the temperature plummeted into the teens. We received enough sleet and snow last Monday night to cancel school for three days. Then on Friday, the skies dumped another 6 inches, closing every school in the area.

The snow was beautiful. My kids enjoyed grabbing my pizza pan, spraying the bottom with nonstick cooking spray, and taking off down the back slope. James hit a couple of trees, but swears he walked away injury free. Katie and Abby delighted in making their own snow cones - except we didn't have any flavored syrup, so it was just plain snow.

I used the time off to do laundry, clean house, write my first paper of the semester, finish one of the textbooks, and begin my second paper. It sounds much more productive than it really was. In real life it looked like I spent at least three of the four days glued to my iphone trying to beat the game, "Angry Birds." In hindsight, I wish that I had used the time off more wisely to write and save several blog posts, or maybe an article or two, or practice playing my guitar. However, I enjoyed the time of just chilling out and relaxing with the family.

Sunday the weather cleared up enough for us to hold services as usual at The Crossroads. I saw lots of thankful faces in the audience. Everyone was glad to return to civilization after being trapped for many days at home. We had a super morning, followed by a fun evening watching the Super Bowl with friends.

Believe it or not, the weatherman predicts more snow tonight. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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