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Monday, September 26, 2011

Coming Home

Three years. Three long years of a house on the market. Three years of riding my kids and family to maintain perfection. Three years of commuting to work, staying in my classroom for long, late hours while we waited on the teens to finish their sports and other extracurricular activities. After 3 long years, the house finally sold. We moved two big Uhauls of junk, plus many assorted vans, trucks, and suburbans loaded to the brim. I am sure that has to be sin that I have so much junk!

God blessed us with an amazing home in Anna. Paying more than we had anticipated, when we went to finance the larger amount of money, the interest rates were at a historic low - so the payment is less each month. The floor plan is perfect for our family. The kitchen has many of the features Shawn wanted, the girls have walk-in closets, James gets a bedroom with a door AND a closet, and I get not one - but two - window seats.

While I expected to experience a relief of stress and a sense of rest when we moved, I was surprised by the overwhelming sense of coming home. I knew it would be a relief to be able to leave a pile of clean laundry on the couch, or a single dirty cup in the sink if the dishwasher happened to be full. But I did not fully realize the extent to which we have moved our lives to Anna in the last three years, so much so that finally living here provides a sense of belonging that I can only explain as "coming home". My children are already hanging out with friends, we are entertaining in our home, and enjoying shopping at the local grocery store.

I am looking forward to what feels like a new era in our ministry at The Crossroads. A great moment where God can use our home to further the ministry of The Crossroads. A moment in time where we can live among our people and see God at work in our city. Change is in the wind. I see big things ahead for The Crossroads. Get ready for the ride!

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