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Monday, July 21, 2008

How I was kidnapped and lived to tell about it.

It came from nowhere, totally out of the blue. One minute I am working up a new song with a friend, and the next minute someone is yelling at me to hurry up and get my shoes, we're going to the movies. Some of my close friends planned out this escapade with Shawn. He joyfully babysat all four kids, while I went with my friends to see "The Dark Knight."

To fully understand how awesome this was, you have to know that these three girlfriends who kidnapped me are die-hard chick-flick fans. Yet because they love me, they sacrificed because I am not so much a chick-flick kind of girl. They planned in advance what movie we were seeing and allowed no discussion. It was all about what I would like the best. (Some of them had not even watched the last batman movie.)

This is a measure of true friendship - loving someone enough to plan a surprise that you know is perfect for them. Even when it's not your favorite. I am certainly blessed to be loved by women like this.

Oh yeah - and we went to starbucks, too. They bought me my favorite coffee - huge treat - church planters don't buy starbucks coffee - it's way too expensive. Then we just hung out and visited for awhile - with no kids yelling or competing for my attention. WOW!

Now - just to have a deep thought - "The Dark Knight" was stinkin' awesome. I was very impressed by the development of Harvey Dent's (Two Face's) character. It was such a powerful reminder to me that we are all just a moment - just a few choices away from darkness. Even the best among us have potential for great and horrible evil. It is God's presence that prevents the darkness from swallowing us all. I am reminded to be thankful every day for my sanity and my deliverance from evil.

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